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'I used to have a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear, it was all dull and mostly stuff I'd had for ages. Putting outfits together was depressing. Now my wardrobe is filled with colour and its so easy to dress myself, I don't think twice about what I pull out, I'm confident I look good and that makes me feel great.

And now this applies to my make up drawers too. No half used pallets and lipstick I never touch. I just have a smaller drawer filled with the perfect shades for me.'


Becoming an Advisor

A year after having a colour consultation, I was receiving more and more compliments not only on how good I looked but how it had elevated my confidence. I knew then that I wanted to share this with more women.

I was offered an opportunity to share a simplified version of my experience. I could share with ladies how to pick the right shades of make up for them based on there dominant colour type, empowering women and allowing them to feel more confident and attractive knowing that they looked great. I even save them money, not wasting it on lipsticks they don't wear or eye shadow palettes that only ever get half used. I couldn't resist. When you see a lady who doesn't even wear much make up, look at herself in the mirror with a glint in her eye because a simple liner and lipstick have lifted her complexion, it makes you feel wonderful.

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How to get involved?

Have you ever wondered if there was a career out there that you could really excel at in your own time and on your terms?

Maybe your a mum struggling to get back to work

Or your looking for an added part time income.

Do you love meeting people and making a difference?

Get in touch by e-mailing today. See how Colour Me Beautiful could earn you confidence, income and friendships that will empower you.

me. It's easy.

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