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Where my Journey began

One day a women walked into my mums jewellery shop. She pulled out a wallet of coloured swatches and started to look at the necklaces. My mum, wandered over to say hello and ask what this wallet was. The lady explained that she'd had her colours done and was using her wallet of colours to look for the right shade gems for her colourings. Mum had heard of Colour Me Beautiful and decided to treated herself to a consultation.

'I went straight home and went through my wardrobe, I found the whole experience liberating. It gave me permission to clear out the old and never worn items that filled my wardrobe and justified sending it all to the charity shop. I now shop with confidence and save money as I wear everything I own.'  Carol. G

After watching my mums confidence grow and see her become more beautiful and happy than I'd seen her in a long time, my sister and I went to get our colours done too. And so my journey began...

It's not about high end fashion, its about finding your own personal style. I used to have a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear, my clothes were dull and mostly stuff I'd had for ages. Putting outfits together was depressing. Now my wardrobe is filled with colour and it's so easy to dress myself, I don't think twice about what I pull out and put on.

My Love of Colour

I grew up in a place called Biggin Hill. I did OK at school but couldn't wait to get out and be myself. I left school and went straight to college where I spent 7 years studying Fine Art. I used to wear some crazy outfits. Imagine Spice Girls trainers, the biggest flared jeans, a little vest top and pink hair. I think you'd call me a 90's hippy with a splash of grunge. I would channel my inner art student when ever possible. I loved those days!

Growing up into my 20's I wouldn't say I was fashionable but I loved to have fun with clothes and colour. Whether it was a Gwen Stefani influenced black and white wide striped blazer or a good fancy dress party, I loved clothes. 

Before in 2012
After in 2017

At the end of my 20's I'd settled down with my awesome husband and started our family.  My two blonde boys Turner and Darley keep me very busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

However like most mums, 'I' became a second thought along with my wardrobe. My birthday is in the autumn so I would clothes shop with birthday and Christmas money and that was my chance to update my drawers. But as you can imagine, I would come back with basics, in grey, black and even maroon. (Eek the worst colours for my blonde and fair complexion). 

Having my colours done has made a huge difference in my life. So much so that I couldn't resist joining Colour Me Beautiful At Home as a Colour Adviser but also as a fully trained Image consultant. I want to share this experience with as many women as possible. It bought me confidence through colour and I can honestly say I feel great about how I look. Even in my PJ's. I get compliments on how I look and how much I've changed. 


Take a look at these two images below. They are taken about a years apart. Here is a great example of how a subtle colour change can make a big difference.


Wearing maroon does nothing for my complexion. This isn't my worst look but its not my best look either. Its summer so I have a tanned complexion. 

Here I'm wearing the right red for me, however the colours closest to my face are in my scarf. The lipstick is making my blue eyes pop. I have a cooler tone in my hair. Its winter so I have a paler complexion. 

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