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Colour Consultation 

Join me for a one to one or meet with friends to find out your dominant colours in a small party. This simplified consultation looks at the make up colours best suited to you based on you hair, skin and eye colour. We will go through the 6 dominant types and discover which is your dominant type using our magic drapes. As the hostess you will be offered a make over. 

Price: Free

Duration: 90 min Aprox.

From 1 to 5 people

Image Consultation

Find out your dominant colour type in this 90 minute consultation. We will discuss your key colours to invest in and how to mix them with other colours in your 42 swatch palette.

Recieve a make over suited to your skin type and colourings. Learn how to apply your best shades.

Learn your secondary and tertiary colours to finalise your bespoke palette

Receive your full pallet filled with your 42 fabric swatches and learn how to use them.

Price: £120

Duration: 120min Aprox.

From 1 to 2 people (price & time varies for two people)

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Personal Shopper

Style Consultation

Mens Consultation

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