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So I guess my most commonly ask question to date is, 'What is it you actually do?'. I also have people coming to me say, 'oh you sell make up don't you? Well, no not really, although you could argue that response as I do have a range of cruelty free mineral make up. I am a Image Consultant and Colour Adviser through Colour Me Beautiful and Colour Me Beautiful@home. In essence one is a simplified version of the other making it more accessible to the wider ordinance.

As an Image Consultant, I sit with a client and determine their dominant colour type. Once I've done this I'll give the client a make over to show them how the right shades of make up look on them. Then we move on to test for their secondary and tertiary colours.

Using my drapes we will talk about how you can mix and match colours in your bespoke pallet with you receive at the end of your consultation. I t

ake my wallet everywhere with me so when an item catches my eye and can check if it's my perfect shade before purchase, thus saving me money on something that will sit in my wardrobe and rarely or never be worn.

With the simplified version, you are assessed for just your dominant colour type and shown how wearing the correct shades of make up can really lift your complexion whether you wear a little or alot. Again, we believe we will save our clients money in the long run, as now longer will they buy lipsticks and compacts that never get worn.

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