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How accessories can take you from a Mum on the run to a yummy Mummy.

I always remember my first experience of a style consultation. At the very end the consultant stood up and took off her jewellery, belt, shoes and lippy and was left looking.. well, unfinished. It just really drummed into me the importance of the final step, accesorising. So here are some of my our new clothing range, which you will find at Mermaid Cove and some finishing touches from other high street shops. Spending money on a few pairs of shoes, a couple of belts, one or two bags and a fabulous earring collection (all in your perfect colours) can help change the look of an outfit from day to night or just plain fashion to style and glamour.

I often try and encourage women to try colours and not just run to black. However I love the sleeves here. They shimmer and shine and reflect lots of beautiful colours. I've added a pop of colour in the belt and earrings and would recommend a tinted lip balm or red gloss to finish off the look. I love these sparkly wedged trainers to pull the outfit together. Who says we can't be stylish and comfortable.

Top: Mermaid Cove, Earrings: Trend Tonic, Belt: What to wear Boutique, Trainers: Newlook

This light and delicate combination creates a softer look. Teal is a cheat colour but next to this cool pink it looks light and bright. A little teal liner and soft pink lippy would be the cherry on the top here. The puff sleeve top add a romance to this look.

Top: Mermaid Cove, Earrings Trend Tonic, Bag: Red Cuckoo, Belt: What to Wear Boutique

Mustard has been a very popular colour the past few years and it isn't going away anytime soon. Show it off against a cream top. But not any cream top, a fabulous fluffy sleeved cream top, very on trend! Keeping with the warm theme i'd recommend a warm orange lipstick or gloss. Don't forget to tie it all together with a hint of mustard or orange in the belt.

Top: Mermaid Cove, Belt: What to Wear Boutique, Earrings: Trend Tonic, Bag: Red Cuckoo

This is the perfect example of how much a subtle change can make a big difference. The previous top was cream and warm, but this white top would look far better on pink skin and ash, silver or platinum hair. The fresh white fluffy sleeves look stylish against the lilac and mint. Wear with a navy or black jegging.

Top: Mermaid Cove, Shoes: Newlook, Earrings: Trend Tonic, Bag: Red Cuckoo

Teamed with black this denim jacket would look great on cools, deeps and clears but teamed with different colours this beaded and fringed jacket would suit anyone (depending on their style personality of course). Because we wear jackets open, the colour is not directly under your face making this jacket suitable for any dominant type. Use the different colour beads in the jacket to inspire your look.

Jacket: Mermaid Cove. Boots & Bag: Newlook, Earrings: Trend Tonic

For more information and finding out your perfect colours contact me via my website www., For any of the tops seen here visit or message me directly

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