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How to wear yellow without looking like big bird?

Do you wish you could wear yellow? Maybe you know you just can't wear yellow! Whether Mustard is your friend or Primrose is your enemy find out how best to wear this fun yet sometimes difficult colour.

After spotting Jodie Turner-Smith wearing this fabulous Gucci dress at the 2020 BAFTAs it got me thinking about a time I bought this fabulous knitted yellow Jumper from Matalan. It was quiet a dramatic piece and so I loved it. However the next day I showed my mum who quickly told me how awful it looked on me. It wasn't till I had my colours done a few years later I discovered the warm deep mustard shade only made me looked tired and sallow and that light bright shades like primrose where far more flattering on my complexion.

But unless your going to invest in a full colour assessment how do you venture into the world of yellow? Here are my top tips to loving yellow this spring/summer.

1. If you have ginger or amber hair, carmel or a warm skin tine your going to find warm shades like mustard and daffodil your best friend. Wearing it with moss or olive will really set it off nicely.

2. If your really unsure of yellow and have a cooler undertone then wear it with shades of teal, it helps to neutralise the brightness of the bold colour. A long line teal jacket over a light delicate yellow shirt, or an aqua scarf over a primrose yellow for example would look fabulous (see image below).

3. Wear it away from the face with a low neckline or in a skirt/trouser and ensure your make up colours are correct. I've heard examples of the stars combating the sallow completion a dress has given them buy using a green colour corrector under their foundation. Where there is a will there is a way.

4. If hair falls into the cool category, ash, black, silver or pink for example, then consider only wearing it in a pattern, a shoe or a bag. Think of it as 25% colour. A 100% colour you'd wear in a full dress or coat but a 25% colour you'd wear in splashes, like a bag or a belt.

5. Consider the fabric... a heavy chunky knit jumper will be a very strong statement but if you have a lighter complexion consider a shimmering or metallic fabric, sequins or a mesh.

6. If you are an ash blond, silver fox, crazy pink or cool black consider staying away from yellow unless you are a dramatic creative style personality or always ooze confidence regardless, just like the fabulous Iris Apfel.

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