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Our Mission

We believe a well dressed women is a confident, happy and successful women

And that no matter what her age, dress size, colouring or budget is, she deserves to feel fabulous in every possible way, every single day.

Love Colour, Love Style, Love yourself

Love Colour Me Beautiful

Do you have lots of clothes, but nothing to wear?

Do you always wear the same colours, afraid to try something new?

Do you hate shopping and find it hard buy clothes?

Maybe your not one to spend alot of money on clothes so want to get it right when you do...?

Whatever your reason for being here is, we can help you with looking great and feeling great. By knowing what your perfect colours are you can shop for makeup and clothes much easier. My makeup is so easy and when shopping for clothes I find I block out all those colours that aren't for me and head straight to those that are. It saves a lot of time when you know what you're looking for and it saves so much money on those clothes you buy but never wear. The same can apply for our make up bags. You may wear a little or a lot of make-up. But are you wearing the right shades for you? Do you use every colour in your make up bag? I now know the perfect red, pink and nude shades for me and don't think twice about my two prescribed blushers. 

What is a Colour Consultation?

In a colour consultation you spend 90 minutes finding out about our 6 dominant colour types and which one you are. Using our draping method you will be shown how colours can work or not work on you. Using your hair colour, skin colour and eye colour we build on your secondary and tertiary colours that create your bespoke wallet. You are given your 42 colour swatches to keep and take shopping with you.






You recieve a make over and then go on to learn how to use these colours in your wardrobe. You will be shown the best key colours to help you by those staple items in your collection and how to match your favourite colours in a full outfit. 


To book, buy the 'gift of colour' or just find out more please get in touch at the bottom of the page.

If your unsure if this is the right thing for you why not ask me for a free taster session. Click the makeup section at the top to find out more or message me for a call back with your number.

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